Bee Line Mechanical Engineers utilize SolidWorks CAD software so designs are easily communicated for quote and manufacture. Bee Line can communicate with virtually all CAD solid modeling and drawing formats including but not limited to ProEngineer, AutoCAD, and Solid Edge.  Bee Line's Electronic Engineers use Altium Designer, SPICE and a variety of engineering tools in circuit board design, product development and circuit board layout. Additionally Bee Line engineering can partner with your engineers to perform design analysis using tools such as Cosmos FEA if required. Bee Line engineers can quickly respond and work with any CAD file format. Engineering is responsible for process planning and providing the necessary documentation to support process and quality requirements.

Cosmos FEAMechanical Engineers can perform design analysis using the Cosmos FEA tool.Cosmos FEA stress and deflection analysis reduces the prototype iterations thereby reducing development costs and speeding the product to market.




3d Visualization

SolidWorks 3D modeling enables virtual assembly and analysis of products before prototyping and production. 






AltiumBee Line’s electronics are developed “in house”. Altium Designer, SPICE and a host of engineering lab tools are used in product development.






Ciruit layoutElectronic system design, component qualification, printed circuit board design, testing and calibration cycle development are all done in Bee Line’s Electrical Engineering department






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