CNC Mills

Bee Line Manufacturing is equipped with tooling such as CNC Mills for producing manufactured parts and assemblies.

Haas DT1 High Speed Drill and Mill CenterThe Haas DT-1 high speed drill and mill machine was added in 2010. This machine features a 20” x 16” x 15” work cube with a very small footprint and a very fast tool change.



Mazak VMC50 II Dual TableThe Mazak VMC50-II dual table vertical mill was added to the Bee Line Company CNC mill department in 2009. Featuring a dual pallet table, this machine can produce parts with out stopping the spindle when loading parts.



Mazak VMC50 IIThe Mazak VCM50-II was new in 2008. Featuring a 20 x 40 table, this machine can run a wide variety of parts and do it accurately and efficiently.



Mazak Nexus 510CThe Mazak Nexus 510C has been making precision parts at Bee Line Company since 2005. This machine has a 20 x 40 table.


Mori Seiki NHX5000The Mori Seiki NHX5000 has the following capabilities :

  • Horizontal maching, Twin 500mm square tables
  • 30hp motor, 2300 ipm travel speeds
  • #40 spindle taper, 8000rpm spindle


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